How to purchase safe lamps

About how to purchase the lamps for kids, that could be our concerning question, if you could not purchase the lamps, that could not reach our effect. Then how to choose lamps?

First style

Simple decoration could not be proper for the style, and the glamorous decoration style is not proper for the whole temperament, we had better keep it harmony.<br />


Second lighting

Lighting concerns with the amount of the lamps, temperature and voltage. So when we choose lamps, we could decide the lamps according to the room size, height of ceiling and style of the room, provides proper height of the room.

Third color

Color of the lamps could be warm color and color color. Though cold color is brighter than the warm color, and that helps us save power, but we also recommend everyone the warm color in living room, bedroom and dinning room, improve the comfort and warm of the house.