Necessary tips of installing flush mount ceiling lights

In the modern furniture, the lights are becoming more and more charming, many house would install the chandeliers, at the same time, that is not different from the signal light, bright chandeliers would light the house brightly, which could be make the house high end and glamorous. Chandeliers would be installed in the ceiling and top. But as for the installation of ceiling lights, next we will have a brief description about the installation of flush mount ceiling lights.

flush mount ceiling lights

First we could dig the hole on the ceiling

We need to dig the hold in the position of flush mount ceiling lights, which could be convenient for the installing of ceiling lights. Make sure the position of ceiling lights, the hole could be harmony with the area.

Second when we install the ceiling lights, we could install the instructions in the two sides of lights, install the lights in the hole totally.

Third connect the wire, close the gate and fix the screw.

Mount of screw could not be less than the fixed hole, at the same time, diameter of screw could be equipped with the aperture. If there is not the fixed lights according to the holes, screw which could be used for fixing the lights could not be less than three, at the same time, focus could be harmony with screw.

Fourth fix the lights

Press the two sides of lights could be put in the chandeliers, inside circlip could be on the ceiling plate, it is okay for us to press the shade.